Saturday, 5 November 2011

Method #1 - 1CentLink!

See the link above it? Just click it!

If you feel wary, then let me explain! 1centlink is a website which doesn't even require a sign up for partipants to make money. The moment you click on my page you will be redirected to your own personal one with the link of your page featured. Once copied, spread it about! For each click you get its $0.01, now I'm no American but... money is money right?

Hope you all make some money out of it, 

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Hello World!

So I'm here to start a blog!

Blogging is (apparently) a potential way to earn some quick cash through adverts! I'm desperate for money so I'm willing to try anything!

So this blog will feautre my money making ventures, including in real life and in the virtual world!

Wish me luck, success and money!